Michale Graves - Lost Skeleton Returns

Posted on Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Former Misfits vocalist Michale Graves is back again with his first Horror Punk LP in quite a while. He’s done other things since he split with the Misfits, but none of it was in this particular style. Not surprisingly, this sounds a lot like a post-Danzig Misfits record. Lost Skeleton Returns is pretty rocking for the most part. The songs are energetic in that old Ramones kind of way, using upbeat drumming and simplistic riffs to craft memorable hooks, and by extension, songs that are generally fun to listen to. If there’s one fatal flaw in this album’s armor, it’s that it sounds so much like the Misfits. Half of the songs on Lost Skeleton Returns are re-recordings of Graves-era Misfits tracks, and the new material all has the same vibe. Honestly, unless you knew that the song was new, you might think it was another cover. That was the only real issue I had with this and I think it’s pretty significant. This kind of lands in a strange area where I can’t really fault Graves for sounding like the Misfits because he spent so much time with them, but I also wish he would have taken the sound and put a new twist on it. Lost Skeleton Returns is an entertaining LP that doesn’t go anywhere you haven’t been before. I imagine that all of the songs go down great live. If I found out that Michale Graves was playing at a local club, I would definitely check it out because I know that I’d have a blast, given what’s here. If you don’t mind the unoriginality and you want some good, old-fashioned Punk Rock, Lost Skeleton Returns delivers. Just don’t go in expecting something new and different because that’s not on the menu.

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