SS-18 - Nuklearpteryx

Posted on Friday, January 09, 2015

There are those who are going to see the “SS” in the beginning of this band’s name and immediately write them off as NSBM, but please don’t make that mistake. For those still reading, this is not NSBM. The band’s name, according to what I’ve read, comes from a Russian nuclear missile. Naturally, the band’s lyrics are heavily influenced by war, mostly the nuclear kind, but they do stray into other forms of destruction and chaos. Musically, I thought that this was going to be in the Blasphemy vein, but the music is actually a lot more interesting than that. There is still some of that War Metal style in their sound, but the band incorporates other influences, going from the primitive and abrasive stuff on “Firewing” to a more atmospheric style on “Battalions of the Last War,” occasionally interspersing Ambient or Industrial bits to spice things up. These additions add a lot to the band’s sound because they come out of left field, introducing additional layers of complexity. It takes a song that sounds primitive (such as “Dead Reality”) and makes it more interesting musically. I definitely recommend checking out this band because they don’t easily fit into one category. This LP has a surprising amount of diversity, though sometimes it isn’t noticeable it right away. It took me several listens to pick up on some of the nuances, but that’s a good thing. If you get more out of an album over repeated listens, it’s more rewarding. Unfortunately, like many other Russian Black Metal bands/labels, they’ve made this limited to 418 physical copies. Hopefully, there will be a digital version available or somebody else will re-release this later because the music is really good.

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