Thyruz - Svik

Posted on Friday, March 06, 2015

This band has been active in the Norwegian Black Metal underground for fifteen years, having formed in 1999. After five demo recordings and two previous full-length LPs, Thyruz is back with their latest release, Svik. The riffing on this album is very reminiscent of post-Euronymous Mayhem, though it takes a while to recognize it because Mjolner isn’t a drum wanker like Hellhammer. I’ve always thought that Hellhammer’s style contrasted too much with the more simplistic riffing of Blasphemer and that he distracted too much with his hyper-technical drum fills. If you removed Hellhammer from Blasphemer-era Mayhem, the music would sound a lot like what’s on Svik. While Thyruz really isn’t bringing a whole lot of originality to the table, they’re competent at what they do and they execute it with precision. I thought that the faster parts on this record were a bit on the generic side, but when the tempo slows down and gets heavy, their music definitely sounds better. A case in point, the title track, “Svik,” is darker and more atmospheric, channeling Tom Warrior and Celtic Frost/Triptykon in its style. It’s easily the heaviest song on this entire LP and though the somewhat lightweight production hinders this by not having enough bass in the guitars, it’s still some dark and twisted music. I’m kind of late to the party when it comes to this band, but I’m glad I didn’t miss out on Svik. It hits hard and offers plenty of excellent songs. If there’s one weakness, it’s in the length. At only 28 minutes, it’s over far too soon. Still, I’d rather have a short album with six good songs than a 60 minute LP with four or five songs that are clearly filler.

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