Weightlessness - Of Lachrymose Grief

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Exactly how much you will (or won’t) enjoy the debut recording from US Doom merchants Weightlessness hinges solely on one singular question, and just in case anyone from Massachusetts is trying to read this, I’ll dumb the question down a little: Does it bother you when bands sound exactly like other bands? For a lot of critics, this is the bane of their existence. Every band must have a totally unique sound all its own! You can tell by the horrible shit they like. Sure, the album sucks leper barf through a straw, but hey… it doesn’t sound like anybody else. This ideal has never made much sense to me. I don’t mind a copycat whatsoever, as long as they’re copying something I like. Say you have a favorite Italian restaurant, and their lasagna is the best you’ve ever had. Then for some reason you have to try a different Italian joint, and you find out their lasagna’s basically the same but just as good. Does that bother you? Lets say you break up with your old lady and start dating someone new, only to find out she gives the exact same deep throat, no-hands-except-for-ball-fondling, slobber-crazy blow job that your ex did. You upset about that? You gonna dump her for a lack of originality? I think not. Now, I get the gripe completely if the original idea being copied was lame to begin with. Like these Hollywood directors making the same goddamn Liam Neeson-as-the-ultimate-bad-ass movie every 2 months. “They took somethin’ from me! I’m gonna use m’skills to get it back!” No one wants to hurt your family, dude. Please go away. Then every other 2 months it’s the Denzel Washington movie where he plays an omnipotent, omniscient superhuman who has 90 minutes to get to the bottom of something, co-starring your pick of outwitted pretty white boy. If it seems as though I’ve gone too far off topic, it’s because I have, but finally back to Weightlessness. They sound identical to the band Loss. If you don’t know who Loss is, then congratulations on a happy life. Take the family to go see Taken 18 (“They took m’Sunday paper! I’ve gotta use m’skills!”) and then kill yourself. For those familiar with the abject hopelessness of Loss’ beyond-despondent Funeral Doom style, Of Lachrymose Grief is 4 songs/40 minutes of that same style from a different source. Again, who cares if you have to use a different weed guy as long as it’s that same Couchlock? Hell, Mike Meacham himself does guest vocals on the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Solitude.” Clearly he’s not upset about it, so why should I be? Sure, the similarities are so striking that, under the right circumstances, it could actually be comical. For instance, I’d probably refer to these guys as Weightlossness in jest if there were ever anyone around to talk to. But there isn’t. So, at the end of each miserable, meaningless day, I need miserable, meaningful music to soak my life-destroyed brain in. Original or not, Weightlessness is able to serve that purpose as well as anyone on any given evening.

“Hope is the refuge of the hopeless, and I have forsaken such weakness.”
-Victor Von Doom

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