Grave - Morbid Ascent

Posted on Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I’ve listened to this EP approximately 666 times, and I’m saddened to report that this is all that I can remember about it: The first two cuts, the title track and “Venial Sin,” are apparently new. There’s a cover of Satyricon’s “Possessed” that has an obnoxiously loud keyboard hit, I guess I’ll call it, at about 1:18 (it’s in the original Satyricon version, too…), which is really jarring and the only noticeable use of keyboards in the song - but that said, it is very well translated into Grave’s style. We’ve also got a “remixed,” shorter version of “Epos,” from last year’s Endless Procession of Souls album. And finally, a re-recorded demo track (“Reality of Life”) written about a quarter-century ago, initially appearing on the 1989 Sexual Mutilation demo, and evidently never deemed worthy to be redone for an album in all this time. Everything may possibly be leftovers from the Endless Procession of Souls recording sessions, which I bring up because I am hoping that they are, and thus not necessarily indicative of whatever Ola and company will do next. Make no mistake, this EP is good, solid Death Metal, and if some unknown band handed it to me, by now I’d be deep into how amazing it is, if not exactly memorable. But this is Grave! Go back and listen to anything from Into the Grave (the perfection!). Or You’ll Never See…. Or …and Here I Die… Satisfied. Or even some of Soulless. Holy fucking HELL. It’s not my fault that Ola set the bar so high that even he can’t reach it anymore. Don’t feel bad, man, very few can or ever could. Morbid Ascent is certainly worth a listen, and I know that I’m being a dick for expecting the Grave of old, but I can’t help it. Hating life 2013.

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