Auspicium - For the World That Was and That Is to Come

Posted on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The sole member of this band, Patrick A. Hasson, is also the owner of the label (First Church of the Left-Hand Path) so this may come under the banner of “self-released.” It is also the band’s third full-length album. For a third full-length, Auspicium sure doesn’t sound very polished. It is a cacophony of fast drums, ultra-distorted guitars and sometimes barely audible vocals - all with enough reverb added to make it sound like it was recorded underwater. Half the time, it seemed as if the guitars were playing two completely different things, and I don’t mean in a harmonic way. Everything just sounded like a massive ball of sound. I guess the best way to treat Auspicium is to think of this album as Dark Ambient/Industrial instead of Black Metal. That way, you can chuck things like “song structure” and “riffs” out the window and just rate it on the atmosphere. Auspicium does have some atmosphere, which is the only thing keeping this album afloat. All of the chaos and reverb gives this a weird feeling, and the inclusion of some echoing clean vocals and acoustic guitar has an almost hypnotic effect, especially if you listen to it in the dark. As Black Metal, this sucks. As Dark Ambient/Industrial, this is passable. It has enough atmosphere to compensate for the bad production, sloppy playing and messy song structures. If Auspicium ever puts out a fourth album, I say they ditch the Metal aspect and just go straight to playing Dark Ambient.

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