Yrzen - Fimmrot

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is my first time hearing this band, and from the promo materials that I was sent, this is their debut album. It sure doesn’t sound like it, though. The playing on here is exceptional. The riffing and song structures are fairly complex, but while the technicality is fairly high, this isn’t overdone. You never get the sense that things are going to degenerate into gratuitous guitar masturbation or navel-gazing Progressivism (which, in a sense, is a different form of masturbation). The sound on this LP is also exceptional. Fimmrot has a sound that even veteran bands on larger labels would envy. According to the bio, these guys used to be a Symphonic Black Metal band (originally under the name Moonwrath) and it’s easy to tell that this was one of their influences. You can spot the Emperor/Dimmu Borgir/Cradle of Filth influenced parts fairly easily, particularly on tracks like “Snowburied Memories.” They also have some Folk Metal and Power Metal in here too. I’m not really sure which segment of the Metal market that they’re aiming for but I think fans of Symphonic Power Metal (Stratovarius, Rhapsody of Fire, etc.) might enjoy this the most. The guitar-work, particularly on the solos, and epic sound on Fimmrot are right up their alley. It will definitely have less appeal to fans of Symphonic Black Metal because it lacks a Gothic atmosphere. The influence of that style is primarily in the song structure and the amount of Classical bombast there is. Black Metal fans tend to want a darker, more sinister atmosphere in their music and Fimmrot just doesn’t have that. The Folk Metal aspects are there, although not pronounced enough for the “Beer Tent at the Renaissance Faire” crowd, but fans of the new Finntroll album might like this, too. If there is a flaw in their music it’s the vocals. There are times when you wonder why they use the raspy vocal style so much. Clean vocals would’ve suited much of this album better. When you consider how much the music sounds like Power Metal, I was surprised at how little clean singing there was. There was never a point where the vocals and music were at odds with each other, but it was more a case where they were making something using carob instead of real chocolate. It might taste good with carob, but real chocolate tastes better. That isn’t a serious detraction and I did enjoy this LP quite a lot, though. I’m curious to see where these guys are going next so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for their next release.

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