Vlaar - S.A.T.R.V.

Posted on Tuesday, May 07, 2013

This is the debut album (and first release that I know of) by Indonesia’s Vlaar, so I’m going to pull my punches just a bit. Metal-archives.com has this band tagged as Thrash/Black Metal/Punk, but giving them that much rope to hang themselves with might not be a good idea. Classifying this as Thrash and Black Metal and Punk might make it seem as if this band has a diverse sound. They don’t. This is just sloppily played Thrash Metal with a screamer for a vocalist. Screaming like someone shoved an agave cactus up your ass doesn’t make you Black Metal. Sloppy playing doesn’t make you Punk. To tell the truth (and bluntly), this shouldn’t be a debut album. This should be a demo at best. S.A.T.R.V. should be the recording you make for your Facebook page, or to help you land gigs at the local dive bar. Nobody in their right mind would pay for something like this because it sounds like crap. I realize that with the technology available these days, anybody can form a band and release an album. This doesn’t mean that they should. Given how sloppy the playing is on this LP, I’d give Vlaar another four or five releases before they produce something listenable.

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