Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013

This band was one of the founders of the Bay Area Thrash scene, having formed back in the very early ’80s. Geoff Thorpe has continued to record and release albums with a veritable who’s who of the scene contributing. Still, even with all of that talent lending their support, Vicious Rumors has never achieved the kind of success they theoretically should have had. Electric Punishment, much like previous recordings, is a pretty solid Thrash album. It isn’t a great Thrash album, but it doesn’t suck, either. That’s essentially the story of Vicious Rumors in a nutshell. They’ve gotten to a respectable status around here, headlining shows at the locals clubs and maintaining a respectable following, but they’ve never broken through to the next level. Their albums are good, but none of them are legitimately great, let alone legendary. Even with top-notch players in Vicious Rumors (Thaen Rasmussen of Anvil Chorus plays guitar on this album, other past luminaries include ex-Heathen guitarist Ira Black and current Death Angel drummer Will Carroll, among many others), the band’s output hasn’t surpassed the sum of its parts, or even equaled them. I guess the generic answer to the problems Vicious Rumors has breaking out of their rut is to bring some new blood into the song writing team. Electric Punishment will satisfy longtime fans, but I doubt that they’ll win many new converts. It’s Geoff Thorpe doing what he does best, but ultimately, that’s just not enough to write home about.

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