Triptykon - Shatter

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011

I have to wonder if Thomas Warrior named this band after the evil Decepticon city that transforms into a gargantuan Tyrannosaurus rex, Trypticon. Maybe his next band will be called Starscream. At least he’s not wearing L.A. Guns shirts anymore, but I just don’t know about Triptykon’s… Art Metal, I guess I’ll call it. “Shatter” was the Japan-only bonus track on the band’s debut from earlier in 2010, Eparistera Daimones, so now the rest of the world gets to hear it without paying $50 for an import CD (or just downloading it, you naughty bastards!). You also get two more Tripty songs, although one of them is over four minutes of Ambient soundscape, and two live Celtic Frost covers (“Circle of the Tyrants” and “Dethroned Emperor”). The only real problem that I have with Trypticon Triptykon is how uneven the music is. Some bands can blend every Extreme Metal style together and make it seem natural. Tom doesn’t blend styles so much as juxtapose them, with decidedly mixed results.

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