Through the Eyes of the Dead - Skepsis

Posted on Monday, August 09, 2010

Southern Deathcore-turned-Death Metal outfit Through the Eyes of the Dead don’t have much luck with vocalists. Youngster Danny Rodriguez is their third in three albums, and with the overwhelming brutality and heaviness of 2007’s breakthrough Malice due in large part to the demon-possessed bear vocals of ex-frontman Nate Johnson, he has big shoes to fill. Musically the band is as tight as ever. While I had no problem with their original breakdown-fueled Metalcore attack of albums past, I’ll take their full-on Death Metal assault any day. They still incorporate some of their old tricks, and while Skepsis may not be quite the monster Malice was, it still decimates. As far as Rodriguez’s vocals go, he is a formidable replacement to say the least. In fact, I honestly couldn’t tell it was a different guy until I looked. If you’re looking for pure brutality, crank this up and try not to shart yourself.

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