The Misfits - Static Age

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When the box set came out [1996], I thought it was supposed to have all the Misfits’ songs, but this has some long lost gem called “In the Doorway.” I’m sure all real fans have most of these songs on the collections (although this supposedly has different mixes of “She” and some others) and/or Legacy of Brutality, but it’s pretty cool to have the album as it was intended. Of course if you have the box set, you already have that (plus a nice booklet with all the lyrics, which stupidly aren’t included with this release), so I’m not sure how important it is to hear the one newly discovered track. If this entire album hadn’t just been released in the aforementioned box set, then it would be truly mandatory. I’m torn about recommending this. On the one hand it has the extra track and the differently mixed versions of a couple songs, but on the other hand, anyone who would give a fuck about just one new song and different mixes very likely already shelled out $60-$70 for the box… As much as I love this album, I think Caroline got a little greedy here. However, if you somehow have not heard the Misfits (have you been on Mars for the last 20 years?), and have $15 (but not $60 for the box), then by all means pick this up immediately. My rating is based strictly on the seminal Punk on this all-time classic album, and not anything else.

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