Sarcophagy - The Summoning

Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Let’s see… the band is called Sarcophagy, they’re on Sevared Records (final description totals for Sevared’s latest half-page ad: “brutal” - 9, “guttural” - 6, “ultra brutal” - 3, “tech” - 3, “slamming” - 1), and they feature members of Gorgasm and Human Filleted. For ten million (theoretical) dollars… can you guess what style of music this band plays? …no, I’m sorry, the answer is not Post-Bluegrass. Death Metal, we were looking for Death Metal. Thanks for playing. Make fun of Sevared all you want, but you don’t need to hire a P.I. to find out where their hearts lie. Who cares if all the album covers are made with MS Paint? Most of the stuff rules and Sarcophagy is no exception. I shouldn’t have to tell you this is brutal, but I’m going to. Fortunately it’s not the kind of brutal that turns into an unmemorable blur by the third track. These guys write great riffs and know how to structure them to keep it fresh. It’s not all blinding speed all the time. The majority of the album slams at mid-tempo, even slowing to a sick crawl at times (see “Grisly Homicidal Butchery”). There’s a definite East Coast flavor to the timing. Think Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, and Pyrexia with the occasional tech flair of Cannibal Corpse. Anthony Voight does a very Bentonesque job of syncing his growl patterns with the riffs, another way to keep things interesting. Noteworthy guest appearances include a classic, Cause of Death-style guitar solo from the legendary James Murphy on album closer “Crucifixion Masochism,” and Gorgasm’s Damian Leski lends a helping hand to his bandmates by adding an extra guttural voice and a sexy solo of his own to the clean guitar passage on “Cut to Pieces.” The Summoning is an all-pro affair, well-deserving of any DM fiend’s attention. Sure, you’ve heard this before. So what? I’ve also watched porn before. That’s not going to stop me from rubbing one out later tonight.

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