Psycho (Singapore) - Pain Addict Pigs

Posted on Monday, August 08, 2011

Sometimes when you hear just one song from an album you know you’re going to like all the songs. Such was the case for me when I first listened to the mp3 “Mater Lachrymarum… Mother of Tears” on Moribund’s website in advance of the debut full-length from Singapore’s Psycho. Yeah, it’s not the infamous Boston, MA Grind band from the early ’90s, and even I made that split second mistake while clicking the link. Was I tricked? Not at all, and instead I was surprisingly treated to a cool-as-hell track of blackened Thrash Metal. Since that initial introduction, I’ve listened to Pain Addict Pigs in it’s entirety a dozen times or more, and the whole album has given me the same hospitality with each visit. The coolest aspect for all the songs, after the intro, is the audibility of the bass lines. Phil Rind would be proud! Other reviewers have recommended this release for fans of early Bathory or Sodom and that’s certainly accurate. However, I’m going to venture out on a limb and say if you like early Sacred Reich (Ignorance or The American Way) yet with Black Metal vocals and horror lyrics then you’ll receive that coveted king size candy bar. All you need to do is knock on the Old Goat’s door.

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