Mortillery - Origin of Extinction

Posted on Friday, October 04, 2013

When I’m in a Thrash mood, I reach for the ancient classics. I was going to mention a few, but I quickly realized how fucking long that list would have to be, and I’d like to think that we all know them, anyway. My point is that newer Thrash bands like Municipal Waste (yes, I realize that they started over a decade ago, but that’s new for Thrash) or whoever generally don’t do it for me, and over the years I’ve just ignored most of them, unless there’s some compelling, obvious reason to give one a chance, such as Hatriot (ex-Exodus singer Zetro and sons? That’s a must-hear, and their debut was very good, by the way). So, I almost missed out on Canada’s Mortillery, and that would have been a disaster. It makes me wonder how many amazing bands I’ve never heard. Too much music, not enough time! But, I digress… Origin of Extinction has an astonishingly clear and focused sound, with a flawless mix highlighting the intense vocal gymnastics of Cara McCutchen. She’s a total badass, seamlessly going from something like a better version of Overkill’s Blitz, to raspier (even growly) moments that guys like Chuck Billy (Testament) wish they could do, to various screams, shrieks, and tremendously well done melodic singing. Her voice is worth the price alone, but the music is excellent, too. I guess I’ll have to call it “retro Thrash,” because there is thankfully nothing “modern” here. There are zero bad riffs, zero stupid ideas, zero “Nu” and zero “Groove” influences, zero to hate. Every track is intense and instantly memorable, to varying degrees. You’ll be rubbing Icy Hot into your sore neck and singing along in no time! When an album is this granite-solid from beginning to end, it seems weird to mention any standout tracks, but “Creature Possessor” and “F.O.A.D.” (“Fuck all of your religions!”) are the most immediately unforgettable. The “Limited Edition” digipak has three bonus tracks, excellent covers of Razor (“Evil Invaders”), Anthrax (“Madhouse”), and Angel Witch (“Angel Witch”), that should not be missed at any cost. Origin of Extinction is an instant classic.

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