Morbosidad - Muerte de Cristo en Golgota

Posted on Thursday, October 03, 2013

I used to see this band live on a regular basis. Back when Morbosidad was based out of Oakland, California, I would go to shows specifically to watch them perform. They were one of those bands that was always entertaining, particularly if you spoke Spanish. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t take too much brainpower to figure out what “Puto Cristo” and “Cojete a Dios por el Culo” mean. I think they were my chiropractor’s favorite band for a while. He didn’t listen to Metal, but they inflicted enough damage to my neck to give him plenty of business. Over the years, Morbosidad underwent a number of lineup changes. Thomas Stench, the band’s vocalist, is the only original member left, and while he was always the driving force, the newer guys don’t have the same skills as Chip N’ Death (guitars) or Raul Varela AKA Morthvarg (drums, who was also in Ghoul and Impaled at the same time). Still, they do deliver a potent brand of Blasphemy-influenced Black/Death Metal. Muerte de Cristo en Golgota, as you can imagine, hits you in the face like a shotgun blast as soon as the intro is over. Once they get going, Morbosidad pretty much steamrolls you under a barrage of blasting drums, grinding guitars and bestial vocals. Thomas is, as always, a never-ending fountain of blasphemous lyrics. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can understand enough to know that he’s spewing out some seriously vile invective against everything holy. If anything hinders this album, it’s the production. The drum sound, particularly the snare, isn’t the greatest, and the guitars are far too low, often buried underneath the drums. When S. Terror isn’t riding the snare, things aren’t so bad, but when he is, The Evil Onit (bass) and Vik Tormentor (guitars) sound almost like incoherent low-pitched rumbling in the background. Even with that, Muerte de Cristo en Golgota is a pretty potent album. If you’re a fan of Blasphemy and the other bands that worship at the altar of Fallen Angel of Doom…., you’re guaranteed to like this. My chiropractor sure appreciates it, too. I think the neck damage I got from Muerte de Cristo en Golgota is paying for his next trip to Cancun.

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