Lacrimas Profundere - Antiadore

Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I used to listen to these guys a lot back when they were a Doom/Death Metal band. Over the years, they’ve morphed into Gothic Rock in the vein of Bauhaus or Love Like Blood. I don’t have a problem with a band changing styles, but Lacrimas Profundere sounds so vastly different from their old material that they really aren’t the same band anymore. This is full-on Gothic Rock with very little, if any, Metal influences. All of the things I liked about their music from their early days (…and the Wings Embraced Us-era) are pretty much gone. Their music isn’t heavy or very dark. The atmospheric elements that they had are barely there, if at all. Antiadore is mostly passive, unadventurous music that even the Hot Topic set will probably think is too lame to bother with. Lacrimas Profundere doesn’t go anywhere that Bauhaus/Love and Rockets didn’t already go decades ago. On top of that, this LP is so inert and lightweight that it makes The Scarred People by Tiamat sound like the last Behemoth LP in comparison. I’d say that I was disappointed, but having caught bits and pieces of their more recent material, I had a good idea what was coming. I’d hoped that there would be something of their old style remaining, even if it’s as small as a guitar tone, but that was not the case here. Sadly, the only thing remaining from the Doom/Death Metal era is the band’s name. As much as I liked this group back in the ’90s, I’m not into this LP or their current musical direction. My recommendation is to avoid this one.

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