Kaiju - Unwilling Sacrifices

Posted on Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sometimes I take a chance on an unknown band based on something stupid, like the group’s name, album title, cover art, or back in the old days, even the record label (which I might still do with labels like Obscene Productions or Razorback). So, as a true worshipper of Godzilla and most things Japanese, how could I pass up on a Death Metal band called Kaiju?!? I could not. A quick look-up on Encyclopaedia Metallum tells me that these fellow monster-lovers are from a Chicago suburb, and they use stage names, so I am holding out some hope that noted daikaiju otaku, and Cianide bassist/singer, Mike Perun, is secretly among their ranks, or at least a consultant. Although, were that the case, I think that he might have suggested altering the Anthrax tribute riff (from “Be All, End All”) in “Oath of the Pentagram.” Honestly, all the songs on this EP seem a little undercooked, with the occasional out-of-place Thrash riff, or sudden ending spoiling the vibe. There are, however, a lot of great ideas here, and all Kaiju needs is to take more time to fully explore and develop those ideas before recording them (hopefully in a better studio next time).

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