Jungle Rot - Kill on Command

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2011

I’ll admit, I was a little shocked to learn that Old School Death Metal veterans Jungle Rot had signed to Victory Records. Sure, it’s not like they’re a 100% Hardcore label anymore, but they’ll always be tied to it in the minds of many. I did think it was cool, albeit weird, that such a big label would give them a deal considering Jungle Rot have never really found a comfortable home for too long (Pulverizer, Olympic, Crash, Napalm), and they deserve it just about as much as anyone. But would they change their style? What was I worried about, fuck no they haven’t changed their style. This is essentially the same band Adversary shared the stage with in 1995! Frontman Dave Matrise being the only original member, of course. Kill on Command is pure Jungle Rot to the core. Mid-paced, groovy, barbaric, heavy-as-fuck, simple Death Metal. I’m just waiting for some piece of shit to bitch about the breakdowns on this album, given the Victory connection. Someone should play them the Rip Off Your Face demo and show them that Jungle Rot have been doing breakdowns since the only CD they owned was Cypress Hill. Other critics will undoubtedly shit on the album for its lack of technicality and simplistic approach. I like to call those critics “fags.” What matters is that it’s memorable, and anthems like “Blood Ties,” “Demoralized,” and the title track stuck in my head after one listen. I give two shits how many notes you can play in 20 seconds. I’m not trying to suck anyone’s dick backstage, I just want to bang my head. (Metal health’ll drive you mad.)

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