Jaye Foucher - Infectious Licks

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2011

I never expect much from so-called “guitar heroes,” so I was surprised to discover that this chick can crank ‘em out with the best. She’s occasionally heavier than Vai or Satriani, but like those geeks, she succumbs to the temptation to try to sing. That fucks up everything. Obviously she can play her ass off, and knows enough to at least make an attempt to be heavy, and every once in a while one of her leads is sorrowful enough to make you hurt. So I think the instrumental tracks are about the best any guitar hero could hope to come up with. But the tracks with vox bring this way down. Jaye loses the heaviness and the intricacy of the music to make way for her all too “Hard Rock babe” vox. I have upped the rating a (very) little because Jaye has wisely decided to rely on her playing ability alone (unlike a lot of other women musicians), and there are no “sexy” photos of her to be found here.

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