Infectious Garage Disease - Infectious Garage Disease

Posted on Friday, May 03, 2013

Major props to Negative Reaction and MVD Audio for unearthing this ultra-rare gem from 1988. Never before available on CD, IGD’s self-titled debut had been, until now, the stuff of Crust Punker and Thrash-obsessed skateboarder legend. A piece of Bay Area Gutter Punk folklore seemingly doomed to permanent obscurity. I certainly never thought I’d get the chance to hear it, and holy shit am I glad I did! Believe the hype, IGD Thrashed it up with the best Crossover outfits of their era. I could list dozens of bands that these Sacramento suburban wasteoids sound like —or perhaps more accurately, dozens of bands that sound like them— but you can’t hit the nail on the head any better than Cryptic Slaughter. Frantic speed, short songs, a snotty screamer, and the kind of fuck-you attitude that only the Reagan administration could produce. One difference between IGD and most bands of this ilk is a complete lack of political correctness in the lyrical department. If you thought MOD’s “Aren’t You Hungry” was insensitive, you should probably pass on IGD’s “Starve and Die.” Usually I’m not one for humorous lyrics, but when they’re delivered with this much brazen rage and reckless abandon, resistance is futile. Other topics include the band’s beverage of choice (“Milwaukee’s Best”), stupid whores (“Pubic Lice,” “Dear Pops,” “Why?”), addiction (“Porno Junkies,” “Psychos on Speed”), Uncle Sam (“The Real Enemy”), and random insanity (“Premeditated Stupidity,” “Chef Boyardee’s Mercenaries”). Included as a bonus here are the band’s first two demos — 1986’s My Pet Disease (rumored to feature Slayer’s Kerry King on backing vocals) and 1987’s The Joke That Went Too Far. The demo material isn’t quite as sharp and tight as the LP, but you do get their essential cover of the Anal Babies classic “Fat Dykes on Welfare.” You also get CD-Rom extras (live video from ‘88, live audio from ‘87) which I’ve yet to check out. Overall, a must-own package. It’s hard to beat fast-as-fuck, instantly memorable, and unapologetically offensive. A cult fusion of Punk and Speed Metal for the ages. Don’t be a fag.

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