Impetigo - Ultimo Mundo Cannibale

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013

Impetigo started out as a Hardcore band (didn’t they all) in July of ‘87. From there they added Scott as a second guitarist to attain a heavier sound. Ultimo Mundo Cannibale is the band’s heaviest release to date. The lyrics seem influenced by Carcass and Godflesh.
All This insanity opens up with a rape/wind storm which is pretty cool. The album is really bassy. Even a lot of the vocals are slowed down electronically to give them a deep, slow sound. The rest of the vox are in normal Death Metal fashion, though as usual terribly difficult to understand if I am doing anything other than reading the lyric sheet. This is a terrible shame because the lyrics are cool. What I can understand is the sound bites, awesome. One is a woman being stretched on the rack and whipped, among other things. The music is pretty speedy and rumbly, and the lyrics devastate. The only thing holding this back are the electronic, unintelligible vocals.

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