Huntress - Starbound Beast

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

While some hated this band’s debut album, Spell Eater, I found that LP to be an interesting listen. Jill Janus has a very dynamic voice and I thought that Spell Eater showcased her range and her power. Starbound Beast, the new album by Huntress, has taken longer to grow on me. Compared to their debut, this is far less Thrash oriented. The songs are slower and more Hard Rock/Traditional Heavy Metal sounding. This isn’t a bad thing. If done correctly, you can still produce a hard-hitting, enjoyable album that kicks enough ass to appeal to the general Metal fan. By and large, Huntress is able to deliver the goods. Some of the tracks are a bit hokey, though. The hokiest is one that you really can’t expect greatness from. The lyrics for this song were written by Lemmy from Motorhead and it’s called “I Want to Fuck You to Death.” I’m sure Lemmy wanted to fuck Jill Janus to death. I know a lot of guys who’d tap that woman’s ass. I know a lot of women who would, too. Still, you just can’t take a song like that seriously. The whole thing may have been Lemmy’s way of asking her out on a date. Even though the song was delivered with conviction, the absurdity of it really kills it for me. Regardless of the occasionally goofy lyrics, I thought that the bulk of Starbound Beast was pretty good. I did think that Jill was holding back, though. One of the things that made me like Spell Eater as much as I did was the fact that Jill blasted you in the face with both barrels. Starbound Beast is more restrained. Jill does cut loose every now and then but I wanted more of the powerhouse delivery that she displayed at Tidal Wave 2012 when I saw Huntress headline the first day of the festival. I don’t mind the more Hard Rock/Heavy Metal direction the band is going with their music, but what makes Huntress great is Jill’s delivery and conviction. When she’s in top form, Huntress kills. I wanted to hear more of that. I didn’t get as much of it as I wanted, but I’m still hopeful that the next album will see Jill Janus bringing her double-barreled shotgun to the party and blasting me in the face with both barrels again.

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