Gwar - Carnival of Chaos

Posted on Friday, July 01, 2011

I have tolerated Gwar in the past because they were funny and sort of heavy. Usually that’s a memorable combo. But what happens if you take away most of the heaviness? Then it’s just a joke band. And what if the joke isn’t funny anymore? Gwar is getting there. Their last album, Ragnarok was well on its way to being useful only in backyard Tron games. Carnival… is an extremely slight redemption (probably more like a small aberration in their downhill free-fall, but only their next album will tell for sure), since some of the tracks are listenable, and a few (such as “Penguin Attack,” “The Private Pain of Techno Destructo” and the New-Punk, Beefcake the Mighty sung anthem “Hate Love Songs”) even sorta good, but the rest are the dried up shit around a scumdog’s asshole. A couple Country styled attempts at humor, a bunch of Guns N Roses kind of Cunt Rock, and a Lounge number sung by the Gwar Hairy Armpit Bitch. Gwar are running out of ideas fast.

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