Freya - As the Last Light Drains

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2011

God damn there are a lot of stupid bastards in media journalism. I have not seen any positive press for this album written anywhere, and it makes me sick. What the hell is wrong with this album? A couple filler tracks, fine, but a dismal failure? Not by a fuckin’ long shot. This band essentially is Earth Crisis as far as I’m concerned, and a bit in the vein of Slither (which I also liked, by the way). Albeit with the groove toned down a little and melodic singing introduced. The playing is tight, Karl’s barking is razor sharp, and who could forget the choruses to the title track and “Throwing Rocks at a Drowning Man?” And lyrically, we filthy meateaters and smokers are finally spared in favor of much deeper content. Things every person feels. I find little to complain about here. (And while I’m at it, Freddy vs. Jason was an awesome movie, and In Torment in Hell features some of the best Deicide songs of all time. Stupid fucking critics!)

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