Forefather - Deep Into Time

Posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011

What do you get when you mix Falkenbach, a little Dissection, a sprinkle of Emperor and a liberal helping of Celtic Folk music? The answer is Forefather, merry olde England’s latest entry in the Folk-influenced Metal category. Really, this would be called Viking Metal if it wasn’t for the glaringly obvious lack of any Viking stuff associated with this band. The band’s name is written in runes that could be associated with the Norsemen but then, most of Europe used these same runes at some point in their history so the most appropriate thing to call Forefather is Anglo-Saxon Metal with a strong Celtic leaning. Not as far as Cruachan or Primordial but there is a definite Celtic music influence in the music and lyrics of this band. During the faster segments, of which there are plenty, Forefather shows their Nordic Black Metal influences, but the inclusion of Folk melodies and clean vocals in the slower parts sets this band apart from the rest of the pack. Fans of the previously mentioned Falkenbach will enjoy this stuff, as will folks looking for something different from your everyday Darkthrone clone band.

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