Excommunion - Superion

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If it wasn’t for one thing, I would say that Superion is a great CD. It has a powerful sound, the playing is tight and there is brutality and aggressiveness to spare. The problem with this? There isn’t one bit of originality on this whole album. There is so much Morbid Angel on this disc that Trey Azagthoth should be getting royalty checks. Honestly, I thought I had thrown the wrong CD in my player. Superion sounds like a cross between all of the Morbid Angel albums that had David Vincent on them, with an emphasis on the last two. You get the brutality, the speed and the ferocity without Trey’s “I’d kill to be Eddie Van Halen” soloing. If ** Excommunion** had done something to add something to the blatant Morbid Angel worship, I would have rated this a whole lot higher. Even something as simple as blended clean vocals with Death growls could have elevated this above clone status. If you love Morbid Angel to no end and you don’t mind getting more of the same, ** Excommunion** is definitely a band to check out. My advice is to wait for their next album, because truthfully, if you own a couple Morbid Angel CDs, you already have everything you’re going to get from Superion. This is as high as I rate a clone band. I don’t want to sell this band short because the ability is there. They just have to take this to the next level and expand on the foundation they’ve laid down.

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