Enthroned (Belgium) - Regie Sathanas (A Tribute to Cernunnos)

Posted on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, Enthroned (the European one, not one of the five or six American ones out there) have returned once again, this time with an EP that pays tribute to their late drummer Cernunnos. This is some fast, chaotic Black Metal in the veins of Marduk, or Dark Funeral with hints of early Emperor in places. Some have criticized this band as being unoriginal but Hell, that’s a criticism that slaps about 90% of all bands in the scene today. In terms of ass kickage, this band is pretty good at what they do. They’re fast and intense and the music has that Bathory-on-speed feel down pat. They even do a cover of “The Conqueror” by the almighty Sodom! All the songs are tight and rage from start to finish. The oldest track, “Satan Never Sleeps,” was written when Cernunnos was in Morbid Death and though it sounds a bit different than the usual Enthroned fare, it doesn’t sound all that dated compared to the newer material on display. As a tribute to him, Cernunnos would be proud. His brothers have done a good job.

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