Embrace the End - Ley Lines

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011

A lengthy hiatus between albums and a new, revamped lineup have really helped this Sacramento quintet come into their own. Their Counting Hallways to the Left debut was a solid, albeit unspectacular listen, but the band is no longer a second rate version of frequent tourmates Heaven Shall Burn. Ley Lines flows with passion, tension, and an actual identity. They still blast, breakdown, and bring the edgy melodies, but this time around things are a lot less predictable. I love how the band use noisy Mathcore excursions and dizzying technical insanity in strict moderation. This way they are able to take any given song to another level without completely leaving the stratosphere. Controlled chaos is a much more effective weapon than a headache inducing clusterfuck, few bands of this ilk realize that. Jesse Alford’s vocal performance is also noteworthy. This kid is able to sound angry, confused, insane, pissed off, and sad all at the same time, seemingly without effort. One minute ready to cry, ready to kill the next.

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