Echo of Emptiness - Anguish

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This album would be pretty good except for one thing: the vocals. They suck ass. I mean big time. Imagine a Black Metal band with an 80-year-old Slavic woman as the lead singer. Or better yet, Gollum from The Lord of the Rings wailing away about how he lost the ring, but in Russian instead of English. That’s how this sounds. Other than the wailing 80-year-old Slavic woman or Russian Gollum, the music on Anguish is really good. Echo of Emptiness is stylistically similar to old Burzum mixed with some early Emperor/Graveland, but with more acoustic guitar and better sound. I’m hesitant to call this Folk Metal because it doesn’t have the same vibe as most bands in that genre. There is some Slavic Folk influence, particularly in the acoustic parts, but other than that, this is pretty much straight-forward Atmospheric Black Metal. What saves this album from being absolute crap is the fact that most of it is sparse on the vocals. There are songs on here that go several minutes without any singing at all. However, when the vocals do come in, everything is ruined. What Echo of Emptiness really needs is a good singer. Immortalis, the guy who currently does all of the screeching (as well as handling the guitars and writing the lyrics), just doesn’t cut it. His vocals on this album were pure torture to sit through. This would probably have been an eight if it had better singing (or even none at all).

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