Drawn and Quartered - To Kill Is Human

Posted on Saturday, December 04, 2010

I’ve always had a lot of respect for bands that continued to play brutal Death Metal during the Black Metal tidal wave. Drawn and Quartered is one such band, and though this is only their first album, these guys have been at it for a while now. This is Death Metal in the older style, reminiscent of early Morbid Angel, Possessed and Scream Bloody Gore-era Death but with a slightly over-polished production. The music is tight, but the clean sound sort of detracts from the intensity. The bass is clearly audible (which is cool), but I thought that the guitar needed to be turned up (maybe with a little more distortion on top of it too). Either that or turn the drums down some. The guitar was almost completely buried beneath the snare for the better part of this album, and when it wasn’t, it wasn’t very loud. I think what Drawn and Quartered misses the most, however, is a rawer sound. This could have been a great album, as I really believe that the songs here have that potential, but this just lacks in the brutality and heaviness departments. Without the brutality and heaviness, this album sounds castrated. Next time, go for the fucking throat! Turn up the guitar and do what the side part of the CD tray says: DEPOPULATE!!!

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