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Posted on Friday, November 22, 2013

People who know me will firmly attest to the fact that I’m a huge Japanophile. I love stuff from Japan, be it anime, manga, kaiju movies, music, or pretty much anything else. When a band like Destrose comes along, I look at it as something of a bonus. It’s Metal and it’s Japanese, two things I happen to like a lot. This group was formed back in 2005, but this is their first full-length LP. One thing I noticed about them was that their earlier material (mostly singles and videos) seemed to showcase the band’s look rather than their music. Destrose is an all-girl band, and like other all-girl groups, their image is a big part of their marketability. In typical Japanese fashion, all of the girls are decked out in frilly Goth-Loli outfits (it’s like a combination of Goth Chick and Slutty French Maid, for those who have never seen the look before) and though they aren’t as outrageous as some bands I’ve seen, it still appears kind of humorous. Musically, Destrose is a bit on the Power Metal side, but not overly so. It’s more in line with traditional Heavy Metal in style. It’s some rocking stuff that gets your head banging almost right away and it keeps you engaged all the way through. The main attraction is vocalist Marina, who must have some seriously good lungs because she really has a powerful voice. She occasionally drowns out the other members, but for the most part, this doesn’t dull their impact. Guitarists Narumi and Mina are solid shredders, delivering some potent riffing that doesn’t get too technical or too flashy. I liked this LP a lot, mostly because it sounded like the ladies in Destrose gave it 100% and their energy showed through, especially in the vocals. I really want to see this band live because if they sound half this good on stage, I’ll be spending the next decade in a neck brace. If you like good Heavy Metal and don’t mind the fact that the singing is in Japanese, this is a band to look out for.

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