Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh my. Please, Satan, not Decapitated, too. Please don’t take them all from me this year. Get behind me, Jesus! The first new album from these Polish Death legends in five years, and first since the tragic accident that claimed the life of drummer extraordinaire Vitek much too early. I rushed to get this as soon as possible. I even paid a little extra to get it on the Friday before the Tuesday it came out. I’m not going to say it’s a letdown in league with the new Morbid Angel after only a few spins, but after only a few spins I don’t like it at all. Guitarist Vogg is the only remaining original member, and holy shit can you tell. This new singer SUCKS! He sounds like some kind of castaway from a tenth rate Machine Head cover band. His almost complete lack of anything resembling a coherent vocal pattern doesn’t help his cause either. That parrot from Hatebeak sounds more brutal. The pit bull from Caninus would’ve been a more suitable replacement. And these are just my vocal complaints. The music is a lightweight, hollow shell of its former self as well. Don’t look for a fucking “Spheres of Madness” on this one, folks. First and foremost, the songs are way too long (even the four minute ones). I raised a family during the title track. Don’t expect any masterfully technical Death Metal either. These songs are Thrash-infused Death Lite, which at their most heaviest moments might resemble mid-career Lamb of God (except nowhere near that memorable). With a vocalist that had fully formed testicles this music would be tolerable, perhaps even enjoyable, but upon initial inspection, Phil Anselmo’s Polish nephew single-handedly wipes his ass with all of this album’s potential. I’m not giving up on this release totally just yet. I’m going to spin it for another week or so and pray to Baphomet that the songs reveal some worth. But as for this exact place and time, this album deep throats rhino dicks all the way to the balls.

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