Converge - Jane Doe

Posted on Saturday, October 02, 2010

I sort of wish that I knew more about “Nu-Metal” so that I could more accurately say who Converge is ripping off. I’m going to go out on something of a limb and say it’s Slipknot, but I’m not really sure. I’d be lying if I said that I listened to this band’s previous two albums (both reviewed in Metal Curse #12 [see reviews]) at all after reviewing them, and I no longer have them for comparison purposes, but I’m pretty sure this is drastically more intense. There are actually some okay parts on this album, but they’re far outweighed by the goofy and/or stupid shit. Still, I’ve got to say that this band does seem to improve somewhat with each release and this is easily their best. That doesn’t mean it’s any good, though. But if you like the new breed of Roadrunner bands [circa 2001], you might dig it.

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