Chaostar - Threnody

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is album number two for Chaostar and much like their debut (also on Holy Records), this is much more along the lines of Classical than Metal. In fact, this has absolutely no Metal in it at all. Though there are some Darkwave elements here and there - most notably in the drumming - the bulk of this album sounds like a movie soundtrack or an opera. As a huge fan of that Classical/Opera sound when done right, I was really impressed at how well most of this album flowed. It’s not like a collection of tracks but it almost sounds like this album is one big track where all the songs flow into one another. The only thing that kept this from being called absolutely fucking brilliant by me was the abrupt ending. Everything was going along great when all of a sudden, the CD was over! Aargh! I hate it when that happens! It’s like watching a movie and having the ending credits roll before the climax. This album builds and builds but there is no climactic sequence nor is there any wrap-up at the end. Threnody just stops. I was so disappointed that this was over that words can’t describe it. I found myself mumbling “No! That can’t be all! There has to be more!” repeatedly as I sat there hoping that there was one of those “hidden” tracks that magically appeared after a minute or so of dead silence. No such luck, I’m afraid. If it wasn’t for that, Threnody would be rated much higher, but that really blew it for me.

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