Casbah - Bold Statement

Posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unfortunately this Thrash masterpiece is only available in Japan. Roadrunner USA wake the fuck up! I have loved all of Casbah’s demos, but this finally sees them with a production that perfectly combines their crushing heaviness, “thickness” and clarity. In other words, a production worthy of their excellence. This is ultra-memorable intense Thrash at it’s most neck-breaking. Casbah are true masters of their instruments, but never resort to showing off, preferring instead to write massive riffs and great songs. Taka’s vocals are just as thick as the music, maybe due to his accent, and also raw, but in a controlled way. He is instantly recognizable, which is itself sort of amazing. I’ve listened to this over and over, maybe 20 times (and knew the songs before then) trying to find a flaw - any flaw. There are none. To my Japanese brothers must now go the highest of all possible honors.

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