Blood Storm - Ancient Wrath of Ku

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

This latest release by Bloodstorm is quite chaotic and quite polished at the same time. The riffs are jarring and the vocals have nothing to do with the flow of the music. The production, on the other hand, is great. You can hear every note clearly and the whole thing is thick and powerful. In a way, this band reminds me of older bands such as Profanatica/Havohej or Beherit but in the quasi-out of control way much like the USBM band Krieg. The music is fast and brutal and so in your face that it takes a couple listens to figure out just what they’re doing. The thing that annoyed me most about this album was the vocals being out of sync with the music. It sounds like Mezzadurus is singing along to a different song half the time because his delivery doesn’t flow with the riffs. This is why bands like Profanatica and Beherit come to mind. I get the feeling that the lyrics were written independently of the music and they just decided to throw them over whichever song they happened to be doing at the time. And the lyrics… I want what these guys are smoking, because this shit is just too fucking far out. I read an interview with Mezzadurus where he tried to explain them, and all this did was confuse me more. It’s like he was trying to explain quantum physics to a bunch of kindergarten kids. It’s definitely esoteric. I’ll commend them for trying to inject some new ideas into the rather stale Black Metal universe, because it is definitely needed - but trying to understand this makes my head hurt.

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