Bleed from Within - Uprising

Posted on Monday, May 06, 2013

Boy, the UK sure does love the smell of its own farts. Thumb through a copy of Cock Sound, Metal Hamster, or that pitiful publication that still calls itself Terrorizer for some odd reason, and you’ll find them pimping these young Scots like they’re The Beatles and Iron Maiden combined. Of course, they have a habit of blowing their Metalcore exports way out of proportion over there (take Bullet for My Valentine or Sylosis… please), so perhaps I should learn to stop taking the bait. (Six free covermount CDs, 27 fold-out posters, and not one fucking grain of salt.) Damn you, Bring Me the Horizon and Architects for being such standout exceptions! Now I have to make sure. At least I can save others the trouble: Glasgow’s Bleed from Within are nowhere near that league. The music here is as forced and generic as the band’s standard 3-word Metalcore name. If I wanted to hear a third-rate carbon copy of Parkway Drive… well… I’ve no idea where I was going because I’d never want to hear that. Uprising is a hookless chugfest. A mundane celebration of predictable arrangements that have been borrowed upon borrowed upon borrowed, infinity. Occasionally the quintet dabble in just enough pain and sorrow to let the listener know they could be making meaningful tunes if they so desired (see moments of “The War Around Us,” album closer “Devotion,” and instrumental segue “Speechless”), but they much prefer to go through motions Lamb of God wore out 9 years ago. The vocals range from wimpy screams to a brutal bark that sounds so much like Winston from Parkway Drive it’s laughable. Musically the band has all the chops in China, but not a shred of creativity or imagination to go with it. You can almost hear their fear of wandering too far from a comfort zone built of basic modern Metalcore templates. Alas, the groove isn’t heavy enough, the melodies don’t hurt, and telling the songs apart can be quite an adventure. (At some point, a blastbeat woke me up, though I can’t recall when and where.) Don’t believe the hype. This is just the same old new shit.

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