Black Pentecost - Funeral Winds in Paradise

Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2010

This is a band that is clearly influenced by Black Ritual/Industrialists Abruptum. Much in the style of Abruptum, this is fairly chaotic musically and this chaotic music is accompanied by the sounds of the people in the band being tortured. Really tortured. No fake screams, no horror movie samples, no bullshit. Just 54 minutes of pure darkness and pain. Unlike Abruptum, Black Pentecost has more musical structure, but the overall effect is the same. This shit isn’t easy to listen to, no matter how you look at it. The sound is demo quality (though good demo quality) and from what I’ve heard about this recording, it actually was a demo. Gothic thought it sounded good enough to slap onto CD and I have to agree. Black Pentecost captures that feeling of darkness that most Black Metal bands of this day and age seem to forget. The only thing I had against this CD was the fact that, like Abruptum, it was just too long. This is tough enough to listen to as it is, but when you stretch the whole thing out over an hour, it gets to be too much.

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