Bewitched (Chile) - Dragonflight

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

Now before you freak out, this is not the same band that’s on Osmose. Apparently these Chilean maniacs have been together since 1991, so you can’t exactly say they stole the name. Ironically, this Bewitched also play a retro form of Metal. It’s a cross of Traditional Metal and Thrash, with occasional Black Metal overtones, sometimes sounding like a more evil Candlemass. Their Mercyful Fate cover (“Black Funeral”) is hardly surprising. Unfortunately, the singer tries his best to imitate King’s range, proving once again that no matter how dead-on the music is, there is only one King Diamond. Other than that one tactical error to bring them down, I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with their musical ability, or the fact that they know when to show it off, and when to keep it reigned in.

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