Beherit - Live Joensuu 8.2.1992

Posted on Sunday, September 05, 2010

Can you say “bootleg”? I knew you could. And this surely is a bootleg - if it isn’t, I’d be very, very surprised. The only thing that could make Beherit sound worse than their studio albums is for them to release live material - or in this case, someone else released it for them. The sad thing about this CD is that it actually sounds a hell of a lot better than many of the lo-fi Grim Black Metal bands out there today. The sound is horrible (it was recorded in 1992, after all) and though it is bass-heavy and there are flaws in the recording, you still get some of that evil Black Metal feeling coming through. The chaotic element comes through more in this live setting, to be sure. There are only six songs on this CD and I was surprised that their set lasted more than 20 minutes. Beherit was up there with Blasphemy in their own little Black/Grind genre for a while. Hardcore fans of the band will definitely want a copy of this, but the rest of us will probably want to avoid this for two reasons: first, the band gets no money from the sales of this CD, and second, the sound quality is shit.

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