Battle Dagorath - Cursed Storm of Ages

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This 2-CD set is the third full-length release by Battle Dagorath, their fourth overall (including a split with Lorn and Darchon called Enshroudment of Astral Destiny). This band is something of a super-group, consisting of members of Vinterriket (Vinterriket - keyboards) and Lorn (Radok - drums) and two other people with the mysterious stage names Black Sorcerer Battle and ShadowVoid. Over the years, they’ve honed their Burzum-esque droning Black Metal meets Dark Ambient style so that what you’re getting is a pretty refined product. The songs are long and a bit on the minimalistic side, but they never seem overly simplistic. I think the deciding factor that keeps Battle Dagorath from becoming monotonous drone is the Dark Ambient element. The Black Metal portions, while ranging in speed from fast and furious power chord riffing to more Doomy droning passages, tend to be fairly basic in style and sound. The Dark Ambient sections that come in and out of the songs at various times (making them pretty epic in length at times) break things up and throw in some additional atmosphere. If there is a gripe I have about this LP, it’s that there’s very little progression from their last release. As I said, they’ve refined their product quite a bit and may have taken this style as far as they can without going full-on Dark Ambient or retrograding into more traditional Black Metal. This is still a good record, though. If you don’t mind a bit more of the same, Battle Dagorath deliver the goods like only they can.

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