Baltak - Zaginstiot Grad (The Lost City)

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

The title of this album means “The Lost City” in English, and if you’re like me, the translations are a welcome addition. Unfortunately, lyrics aren’t included. What is included, however, is a rather nice little piece about how great the Macedonian people were. If you’re Greek, you may want to pass on this album because the history lesson is pretty much anti-Greek, pro-Macedonian. We get a pretty detailed account of all the great Macedonian leaders, philosophers and achievements (most of which are credited to the Greeks) and a rather nice batch of pictures and information. Whether this info is correct is another story. I don’t know and I really couldn’t give a fat shit whether the Macedonians or the Greeks were the better bunch down in the Aegean Sea area. Musically, Baltak has stayed true to the formula created on Macedonian Darkness and Evil and still has that hyper-fast drum machine going. The riffs are catchy and the atmosphere of this album is very manic and aggressive to be sure. The only problem I can see with this release is the fact that a lot of the songs seem the same. Maybe adding some tempo changes or something would be an idea worth exploring. The whole album (all 8 tracks) blasts along at speeds only Immortal has dared before this.

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