Averse Sefira -  Advent Parallax

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2010

Blinding fury and dizzying musicianship the likes our shores haven’t produced since the dawn of Angelcorpse. Few US Black/Death outfits are able to effortlessly muscle you into submission with just speed and shred alone, but Austin, Texas’ corpse-painted horde can and will. Ominous, competent melodies played at breakneck speed, just trying to follow the guitars alone will produce an intoxicated state. The sheer, menacing brutality of Advent Parallax takes many twists and turns, but is relentless in attack. Only through repeated listens will you survive this sonic maelstrom. You can have Nachtmystium. When it comes to the undisputed reigning kings of US Black Metal, I’ll take Averse Sefira.

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