Atomwinter - Atomic Death Metal

Posted on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

When I pick up an LP called “Atomic Death Metal,” I expect it to be explosive. I expect brutality, I expect aggression, and I most of all, I expect neck-snapping Death Fucking Metal. This isn’t exactly aggressive or explosive. Germany’s Atomwinter has a sound that is more reminiscent of old Incantation or the latest release by Texas Black/Death Metal stalwarts Imprecation. Even when they’re playing fast, Atomwinter still sounds like they’re playing Doom/Death Metal. It’s definitely heavy and brutal, but calling this explosive is a vast overstatement. The rather plodding nature of this kind of music has a serious downside in that while an individual song might be good, the LP as a whole lacks diversity. Imprecation was able to get around that by incorporating ideas from Norse Black Metal. Other bands (such as Origin or Necrophagist) have added increasing levels of technicality to the Brutal Death Metal style with some success. Atomwinter, though, hasn’t figured a way around that yet. Since this is their debut LP, I’m going to be lenient with them on that point. This is a fairly solid, though safe, collection of songs. There aren’t any glaring technical errors or songs that straight-out suck. It’s just unadventurous. What the band really needs is something that brings some diversity to their songs. If they can find that, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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