Astaroth (Norway) - Chaosatanas

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014

I always hate researching a band with a name like Astaroth. Going online and searching for the right one is always a pain because there are literally dozens of groups out there with the same name or some variation of it. This particular Astaroth comes from Oslo, Norway, and they’re Black Metal. To further add to the confusion, there is also another band from Laksevag, Norway, with the same name, but they’re Death Metal. Anyway, Chaosatanas is the debut release by this Astaroth, and while I didn’t find it very original, I did notice that, for whatever reason, I’ve been listening to this album a lot. It kind of reminds me of old Dark Funeral and Marduk at times, but the music here is far more versatile than that. Astaroth isn’t one of those bands that plays fast all the time. They know how to inject some melodic, and occasionally thrashy, guitar-work in with the all-out speed assault, making their music much more effective. It also helps that most of the songs kick ass, too. “Abyss” and “Xeper-I-Apep” had my neck making all kinds of noises that I don’t think are healthy. There were a couple dud tracks, “The Chosen” being the most obviously sub-par, but on the whole, this was a pretty solid debut. While there is room for improvement, Chaosatanas shows a band with some impressive skills. If their next LP is full of songs that are on the same caliber as “Abyss,” “Grace of Earth,” and “World Enslaved,” they’ll be responsible for a large number of neck injuries and we’ll be forgetting that there are a dozen other bands out there with the same name.

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