Astaroth (Austria) - Skladengott

Posted on Friday, September 03, 2010

Anyone who knows me will testify that I love obscure-as-fuck bands. I’ve got albums by bands even die-hard undergrounders haven’t heard of, and though a lot of them are bad (and I mean bad!), there are times when I come across a real gem. Astaroth is one such find. This is the German Black Metal band, not to be confused with the ten thousand other bands out there with the same name. Astaroth doesn’t do a whole lot of original things. There are no atmospheric keyboards, no female vocals, no Jazz parts, no Blues influenced guitar solos, no mosh, no core, no trends and no fucking fun. This is just flat-out Black Fucking Metal with a high ass-kickage factor, high memorability factors, even higher blasphemy content and enough Christ-hating fury to make up for the fact that none of these ideas are new. The standout track on this CD has to be “Symphony for a Requiem” (yeah, their English is pretty bad… but hey, if it isn’t your first language, you’re forgiven), for it’s creative bass work and general atmosphere. This is a very solid album and worth picking up - provided you can find it.

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