Art Inferno - Abyssvs Abyssvm Invocat

Posted on Friday, September 03, 2010

Under most circumstances, I give clone bands a real hard time. No matter how good you can play, you won’t score any higher than a 7 if you blatantly ape your main influence without adding anything new, different or original anywhere in your compositions. That being said, I guess you can figure out that Art Inferno blatantly copies somebody famous. Yes, sad but true, Art Inferno is a Cradle of Filth clone. Not a total clone, which means that their rating will be a tad higher than a blatant, shameless rip-off, but a clone none the less. You get extremely high-pitched banshee wailing a-la Dani Filth, lots of atmospheric keyboard bits in the Cradle of Filth style, female vocal parts, spoken word passages and assorted other Cradle-isms. They do add some twists on the Cradle formula, adding more straight out symphonic pieces, a New Age bit that reminded me strongly of Jim Kirkwood (who did the Asatru inspired album Hammer of the North), some female choir work that sounded nothing like Sarah Jezebel Diva and instrumental segments that are truly interesting. If you like Cradle of Filth and just can’t wait for more of the same, Art Inferno is a fairly close substitute. I wish they would have injected more of their own personalities into this. I’m sure that they are good musicians - you have to be good to pull off Cradle of Filth to this degree - but why copy someone so closely? There are some good, original bits on here but not enough to set them apart as a band forging their own destiny.

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