Antigama - Stop the Chaos

Posted on Friday, August 03, 2012

My exposure to them has been brief, but Polish Grindcore unit Antigama have never done much for me. I’ve heard a few compilation tracks, even had friends throw them on a mix, the nicest words I could ever muster being, “Good drummer.” Not a bad band, just an uninteresting one, granted I’ve never seem them in the live setting. I’m sure, given the right circumstances, their rapid-fire, ultra-tech insanity could be life-changing in that environment. Like a small child seeing a whore get sodomized by a donkey for the first time. Magical. But this 6-song EP —five songs if you’d prefer to omit the minimalist noise outro— marks a turning point in the band’s career. Guitarist Sebastian Rokicki has completely cleaned house, revamping the entire lineup, even booting the aforementioned blastbeat psycho Kryzsztof Bentkowski! A frightening proposition for longtime Antigama devotees I’d assume, although for me it means a world of new possibilities. Perhaps this overhaul is the fresh start that will result in a band ready to start making music as opposed to blasting out endurance-test noise? It is called Stop the Chaos isn’t it? Tough to say since I don’t remember much about them, but this EP isn’t bad. 90-second opener “E Conspectu” is a fast rager lifted straight out of Napalm Death’s more recent catalog. “The Law” and “Intricate Trap” are essentially more of the same, but feature some nifty start/stop maneuvers and endings right up Brutal Truth’s alley. Some oddball Voivod-isms seep their way into the title track and “Find the Function,” turning otherwise serviceable Grind assaults into instant filler. Never mistake wacky and weird for brilliant and genius, people. I can say I find this far more instantly likable than past efforts, though that could just be the small sample size. It’s still nowhere near dark or meaningful enough to spin more than a handful of times.

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