Anorexia Nervosa - Exile

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a little strange. There are 13 tracks and most consist of 2 short parts, a musical band part with instruments & players, and a sequenced keyboard sounding part. Each with it’s own definitive subtitle. The band parts are called “sequences” and the electronic parts are called “actions,” which seems a bit mismatched, and they’re all numbered accordingly. After briefing the song titles with the “prologue,” numbered “cycles,” “sequences,” “actions” and all the movements, not to mention the enticing cover to the album itself, I figured I was in for a musical interpretation of The Lesbian Dominatrix Training Bible. But sadly no. The musical parts are intense but not always. The sequenced “ambient” sections are really interesting and I like them most of all. The vox range from harsh droning & growls to wailing & whining, or maybe that’s crying. The drones of the vocalist get a little old, and sound like a suicidal Elmer Fudd at times. But that’s okay depending on your mood. The production is sharp, but a few tracks seem underdeveloped. Maybe I got my hopes up because of the cover. And the disk is pink?

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